SkinTé | Hibiscus Vanilla Collagen Sparkling Tea, 12oz | 12-Pack


3,000mg of grass-fed collagen peptides and feel-good super herbs are paired with organic hibiscus tea, real rose petals, and a splash of vanilla extract to boost immunity, ease stress, support digestion, and promote calm, sexy vibes. Sip daily for maximum well-beauty benefits.

WHY COLLAGEN? — If you’re over 20, it’s probably time you start looking into ways to consume collagen. As we approach our late 20s, collagen production begins to decline, leaving us vulnerable to premature aging, weak bones, achy joints, and more.

SUPER HERBS & ANTIOXIDANTS — Formulated by a doctor and made delicious by a chef, our collagen sparkling teas are loaded with super herbs and smart ingredients that go beyond skin deep: hawthorn berry and passion flower calm the heart and spirit, horsetail enhances hair, skin, and nails, nettle root promotes overall well-being, and our real brewed teas add a boost of antioxidants. Packed with purpose, each ingredient plays a vital role in our innovative, beauty-boosting formulas.

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