KiiTo | Dark Chocolate Plant Protein Shake, 12oz | 6-Pack


KiiTO packs 20g of organic plant protein from peas. Pea is considered the elite plant protein because it contains all 9 essential amino acids and is loaded with BCAAs making it the plant-protein choice of athletes. Pea protein has a higher absorption rate than other plant proteins supporting lean muscle and recovery.

Organic coconut milk delivers sustaining healthy fats to keep you feeling full for hours. Coconut milk is rich in MCTs which are known to power metabolism and brain function.

KiiTO never adds MCT oil to our products — the MCTs are derived naturally from the organic coconut cream. Coconut makes you pretty too:) supporting healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Each bottle of KiiTO is infused with a unique blend of functional superfoods and adaptogens that promote mind and body well-being. Adaptogens are plant-based superfoods that help your body adapt to stress by bringing you back to equilibrium.

*coconut milk (water, coconut cream), *pea protein, *cocoa, natural flavors, *vanilla extract, *chocolate extract, *maca root, himalayan pink salt, *monk fruit


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