Banana Joe

Banana Joe | Sea Salt Banana Chips, 1.65oz | 6-Pack

The Banana Joe Difference!
Thin & Crispy - unlike other "banana" chips, Banana Joe is made of 100% real bananas, hand-cut into thin, wafer-like slices for maximum crunch without breaking your teeth.
Daily Harvest - everyday at sunrise we pick our bananas, cook and pack them on the same day for extra freshness.
Lower Sugar - green or unripe bananas are much lower in sugar content. They are a good source of resistant starches.
Natural Flavors - We use only natural flavors, meaning tastes coming only from extracts and natural molecules - just like in nature.
- Natural Oils - We use natural organic rice bran oil, an increasingly popular vegetable oil which proposes many health benefits including lower cholesterol, boost the immune system, and help in weight loss.
- No Preservatives Added - Our banana chips don't need synthetic substances like preservatives to stay fresh and delicious.

- Support Digestive Health - Probiotics create a physical “mucus” barrier which prevents the development of bad bacteria in your gut. Bad bacteria can affect the absorption of nutrients in the food you eat.
- Support Immune FunctionBy digesting prebiotics, probiotics will release metabolites which induce the development and maturation of immune cells within your body.
- Enhance Protein AbsorptionProbiotics allow you to absorb more of the amino acids from the protein you consume. These amino acids will help with muscle growth.

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