Baja Jerky

Baja Jerky | Salsa Fresca Beef Jerky, 1oz | 10-Pack


The star of the show. Embracing its Southern California roots, Baja Jerky's Salsa Fresca beef jerky is a stunning mix of sweet and heat. Salsa Fresca features real and natural ingredients like tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, lime juice, and of course, some cilantro. In addition to the traditional salsa fresca ingredients, this delicious beef jerky is also seasoned with sea salt, ground pepper, garlic, turmeric, tamarind, avocado powder and more. With the authentic spice of a true Mexican salsa and the subtle sweetness of a freshly picked tomato, Baja Jerky's Salsa Fresca flavor seamlessly transports you to a fiery fiesta with a delicious protein snack!

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